An interview from Latin american cemetery with Lucid Dementia

1) Welcome to our Webzine ,Sheldon  can tell all world what is your role in the band Lucid Dementia ?

Sheldon :I am the creator, puppet master, singer and producer of the band Lucid Dementia.

2) In what part of USA does the band live?

 Sheldon :We all live in Austin, Texas.

 3)how is the origin of Lucid Dementia ?

Sheldon :Lucid Dementia was conceived in 1996. I set out to create music and band that was strange, like from another world. I wanted the performances to be like that too, so I created a 6 foot tall alien puppet that became the bands lead singer and inspiration.

4) what is the Line up today ?

 Sheldon Reynolds (Me): Male and Puppet Vocals

Holly Barentine: Female Vocals

Nik Leas: Bass Guitar

Ste7en: Electric Guitar

AzilX: Drums

Doktor Teknikal: Live sound/engineer

5) From what year are active? ?

Sheldon :1996

6)Do you Have knowledge about a new release, near of half decade, what new things come together a this new work , can you give me the name ?

Sheldon :I think you are asking about our new album? Our newest album (which is our 4th album) is “When The World Leaves You Behind”. It is a culmination of all the albums we’ve put out before, with a little more influence by our first album, which was a little more light hearted then the 2nd and 3rd, which had gradually gotten more political in nature. “When The world Leaves You Behind” is basically 13 songs about ghosts, all having to do with a single story about a clairvoyant woman that sees ghosts, is killed and becomes a ghost, gets revenge, joins a tribe of ghosts, then fades away.

7)Too have a Party-release , right ? What can talk me about this , some surprise ?

Sheldon :The Album release party will be at Elysium nightclub in Austin, Texas on April 5th 2013. We are currently working on 4 songs from the new album to perform at the party. The show will be ghost themed, and more like a seance then a traditional concert.

Link :

8) What role have the Marionette in Lucid Dementia ?

Sheldon :It’s inspired by my singing voice that I came up with for the band. When I sing in my normal voice, I sound too much like Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, or Front 242. When I scream I sound too much like Al from Ministry. I didn’t want to sound like anyone, so I came up with my weird puppet voice one night while making fun of Perry Ferrel from Janes Addiction while talking to my cat. So when I went to start figuring out how to present myself to an audience, I decided to create the creature that I thought migh most go with the voice, and that’s how I came up with the Puppet that people call “Luci”.

 9)Did you know there’s a Japanese band called “The Candy Spooky Theater”?, They uses Marionnettes in their Shows. Do you believe this is a copy of “Lucid Dementia” or just a simply coincidence ?

Sheldon : I don’t think they are a copy of us at all. We obviously have some of the same influences though.

10) Played in the overseas or still not chance for this ?

Sheldon :We would love to play overseas, if someone was ever willing to pay us to do it. Otherwise it doesn’t seem very likely right now.

11)Before lucid dementia sheldon did you had any other type of relation with the world of music?

Sheldon : I’ve been making music since 1985 on another project called “Buried”. I doubt you can find it anywhere though. I made music for a bondage group called “Flesh Assembly” for about year. I was also in a band called 99lbs and and our demo produced by Chris Gates from the punk band The Big Boys, but it broke up soon after the album was finished.

12)If not played music what other thing make with your life ?

Sheldon :To make a living I am a research analyst for a pharmaceutical company. Very boring. Painfully boring. If I didn’t make music I would be writing about my experiences with that band. I will probably start doing that some day.

13)which are your maximun influences and wich are the ones of Lucid Dementia ?

Sheldon :Influences: Ethyl Meatplow, Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy, Butthole Surfers (The older stuff), Caberet Voltaire, Old Ministry (Twitch), The Revolting Cocks, Mindless Self Indulgence.

14) What is the concept of Lucid Dementia ?  

Sheldon :Lucid Dementia is a horror based hybrid mix of Metal, Electronic and Industrial music fronted by a female/male vocals combo. We want to inform as well as disturb our audiences. We want to shock them out of complacency and understand how messed up the world can be. We also want to write music and perform differently than any other band.

15) What is the meaning of name Lucid DEMENTIA ?

 Sheldon :The name “Lucid Dementia” is a yin and yang concept. It literally means: “To speak very clearly about very disturbing subjects”

Also, the name “Lucid Dementia” is the name of the puppet creature, although people call it “Luci” for short. The actual full name of the band is: The Fall and Rise of Lucid Dementia as Performed by the Tribe of the Tantrick Puke Whores. The name is rarely used or even known about though.

16) For the 2013 what things news come Lucid Dementia ?

Sheldon :We have put out the new album, we are watching what it does. The better it does, the more likely we’ll tour. We will definitely be playing a lot in Austin, Texas and see what kind of support we can build up for it locally, although for the most part, in the past, there isn’t a lot of support for bands like us in Austin, so it’s always a struggle for us.

17) what can you tell us about of the industrial scene of USA, we know that NIN is very popular worldwide, what about the scene and other bands?

Sheldon :It’s very underground and sometimes it does well and sometimes it doesn’t. It seems like there are more Industrial bands in the US than fans of the genre. “Cyberpunk” seems to be a big thing now, which is kind of industrial but a lot more electronic, like Hocico and Combi Christ.

18)They can tell the people of the world about the famous American thought musically speaking, that immediately upon the United States are now famous worldwide?

Sheldon :There are too many bands right now, especially in the United States.  The market is over saturated, so for any band to get “famous” especially in the United States is really hard.  Also, most of the “mainstream” bands that you hear of from the United States are fake bands.  They are manufactured by record companies.  The record companies put the bands together, write most of the music and lyrics, and then pay a lot of money for their music to be on the radio, win awards, etc…  It’s supposed to be illegal, but no one does anything about it, so most of mainstream music that you hear on the radio is just awful and the real bands that play really cool and interesting music get ignored, unless they get really lucky and get a song on a television show or movie or their video goes viral on the internet.  Otherwise, because there is so much new music coming out every day, it’s really hard for independent bands to make a living from their music.  Oh yeah, the bands from the United States that get famous suddenly worldwide?  That is probably paid for as well.  If not, then what you are seeing is one band that is the very, very best out of 10,000 bands, that rose to the top because of their talent and great music.

19)In 2007 your music appeared in a famous american program…how was this opportunity? what benefits brought to you ?

 Sheldon :The CBS television show “NCIS”. It paid well, but surprisingly enough it didn’t do much for us for opportunities. At least not yet. When our music was used in a Horror movie called “Sweatshop” it actually helped us get a lot more shows and more national attention, especially amongst the horror movie scene.


20)You have been criticized as this emergence in the media?

Sheldon : Some people love us, some people can’t stand us. It’s about 50/50. I think a lot of people can’t grasp our concept and just dismiss us. However, when people see us perform they are usually pretty amazed. It’s helped us a lot to have more of our shows on video on the internet.

21)what do you know about the southamerican scene of industrial?

Sheldon :I’m pretty ignorant about the south american scene of industrial. I know about Hocicio and that’s about all.

22)did someone tell you that you remind in you apperance a little of the bicentenarian man?

Sheldon :No, I’ve never heard that. I get called “Powder” by drunks sometimes.

23)how many time do take you to make up and change Sheldon?

Sheldon : It takes me about 15 minutes to prepare for a show. 2 minutes to put on the puppet, and 1 minute to take it off.

24)this question is directed to the bassist Holly, we can note that you have a curious tatoo en one of your arms something like a romance between vampires, what can you tell us about that tattoo ?

Holly :The tattoo is a portrait of Frankenstein and his Bride, who turned vampire.  The 2 demon children are their spawn.  They represent my family; the bride holds my wedding bouquet of red gerber daisies (my favorite flower), and they stand in a pumpkin patch, which I grow in my bakyard.  It’s sentiment to me is undying love; love even when you’re undead.

25) Good to dismiss this interview Dementia Lucid Boys ¿ have something to say to your Hispanic readers ??

Gracias por su apoyo de nosotros, y lo que es más importante bandas como nosotros. Apoye su escena local y trate al mismo tiempo tener una mente abierta acerca qué música escucha. ¡Nosotros  adoraríamos nada más que viajar Sudamérica extensamente si tuvimos la oportunidad!


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