An interview with the cyberbutcher Dee lee ( Vanished empire -2 bullet )

Dee lee , member of band industrial from japan called 2 bullet and Vanished empire sit with us for answer this little interview .

1) First, how do you feel about being interviewed by a Chilean media?

Dee Lee:
At first, I would like to thank you to all Chilean listeners.
I noticed 2Bullet got a lot of fans from Latin america since about 3 to 4 years ago.
So we are very interested about them and wanted a chance to talk.
I’m really happy we got a chance to first interview for Chilean people.

K: I’m very honored to answer the interview from Chile.
Thanks to the internet, I can feel you guys very close to us.
2) before 2 bullet, Had you participated in any other bands?

Dee Lee: My first career started when I was high school student.
I created a heavy metal band like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Manowar with my class mates.

K: That is almost same for me. I played in Visual Kei band with class mates.

3) Currently, what is the line up of  2bullet? Can you explain in detail?
Dee Lee: 2 Bullet have only 2 members currently. Sgt.K as singer and Lt.Dee Lee as track maker.
Some of you guys may know we had more members in the past, but I think today’s 2 Bullet is the best line up.


4) How long have you 2 bullet goes back years and how it started

Dee Lee: I and N.O.N.E. (former bassist) are played together in another band in 2002.
And singer leave the band so we had to looking for new singer.

I met Sgt.K in 2003 autumn and I really wanted to play with him but I don’t want to play past songs.
So I and N.O.N.E. disbanded past ones and united as new band… I mean that is today’s 2 Bullet.

Old line up

5)you have two more launches one of a proposed collaboration Darkest Labyrinth, is it so?, Do they continue working with this label?
Dee Lee: Simply, I will never work with Darkest Labyrinth anymore.
As you know I released one album and compilation from their label, but it was the worst mistake for 2Bullet.

K: LOL! We will release the next by ourselves, not from other labels.

6)Could wait for a third release ?

K: hmm? Isn’t “Anti-market Rebellion” our 3rd release?

tip:This interview our make a long time for not think are a piass Lol .

Dee Lee: LOL. Yeah as for 2 Bullet, “Anti-market Rebellion” was our 3rd album.
But it was free-downloadable album. not physical CD.

K: But we have a plan to release an album for our 10th anniversary, right?

Dee Lee: Yup. But it will not be released from Darkest Labyrinth lol.

7)What is the concept of 2 bullet i see much political content in it?
Dee Lee: Yes. Main concept of 2 Bullet is political things, anti-totalitarianism and anti-authoritarianism.
We are not slave for someone, government, enterprise, or some party etc, etc.

K: We wanna live so dignity and humanly. It’s basic rights for us all.
If someone attack this, that’s our enemy.

Dee Lee: Side with the weak and crush the strong. That is the basic spirit of 2Bullet.

8 ) can say the meaning of name 2 bullet ?

Dee Lee : The name “2 Bullet” is metaphor of “aiming guns each other”.
This meaning come from “Mutal Assured Destruction Scenario” in cold war era.
Today we see the result of cold war and we know MAD scenario was just illusion.
But 2 Bullet’s music can be deterrent power to save my friend’s pride.

9)Have ideas or some oportunities for international activities ?

K: I wanna cerebrate our 10th anniversary with international fans.
So wanna play in outside of Japan and meet them.

Dee Lee: I wrote the song called “Ya basta!” and lyrics is based on drug war in Mexico.
We will write and play a song not only about problem in Japan.
If you have serious problem in your country and I feel it’s too pitiful, I will write even if it is not for Japan.

10) Dee lee are you interest in a collaboration or a feat with any artist ?
Dee Lee: Of course yes. 2 Bullet participated in Chilean compilation “Necromorphosis Vol.4” in the past.
This compilation contains not only Chilean artist but I am very interested to play with artist in Latin america.

11) now change a bit the topic talk about Vanished empire , as this project started by the well-known DJ Chihiro and that also goes back years?
Dee Lee: In 2007, Before we started Vanished Empire, DJ Chihiro asked me to write a song for him.
He had to put a song for compilation album “Tokyo Dark Castle” so he needed song writer.
I and DJ Chihiro recorded the song called “Hellfire within me” and this is the very first step for Vanished Empire.

12) before vanished empire you make anytype collaboration with Chihiro in the past ?

Dee Lee: No. Recording for “Tokyo Dark Castle” is the only collaboration with him before Vanished Empire.

13) like 2 bullet work with Darkest Labyrinth imagine too vanished empire work too with this label , right ?
Dee Lee: Vanished Empire released 2 CDs and compilation from Darkest Labyrinth in the past.
But I will never work with them.
DJ Chihiro may have other answer but I really don’t want to release everything from that label.

14)have in any future not very far , release some album or single or performance overseas ?
Dee Lee: We already have some new songs after latest release and already play in our show.
So we can record them for next albums. But we have no plan to release currently.
Maybe DJ Chihiro can answer about it (2Bullet’s strategy and Vanished Empire’s strategy is very different.)
May I ask DJ Chihiro about interview? lol I will translate for him!

15) what it’s meaning of name Vanished empire ??

After “Tokyo Dark Castle“, I and DJ Chihiro decided to continue the project as new band.
So I wrote some songs but still had no band name and “Vanished Empire” is temporally project name of song called “Ruined Garden” today.
We thought it is very good name for band name because this name is suggestive R’lyeh.

16) in what side of japan are living ?
Dee Lee : I and Sgt.K live in Ibaraki. DJ Chihiro lives in Tokyo.
Both are east side of Japan.

17) What is your like favorites in music ?
Dee Lee: Mainly I listen to death metal, black metal, and thrash metal more than Industrial/EBM.
K: Recently I usually listen to Japanese indie artist’s music or Vocaloid songs on Internet.

18) What are the musicians who have influenced you in your career?
Dee Lee : 2 Bullet is influenced by Front Line Assembly, Grendel, Funker Vogt, Hocico and much more EBM acts.
And I, personally influenced by metal artists, for example Tony Iomi (Black Sabbath), Carcass, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir.

K: When I started to playing music I always listened to Luna Sea, X Japan and Dir en grey.
I’m so influenced by artist like them… maybe you don’t believe lol.

19)What bands and artist your hear ?
Dee Lee: Recently I’m addicted to Disgusted, the brutal death metal band from Vietnum.
They are really kick ass! Sick!!

)what are your movies favorites ?
Dee Lee: Soylent Green, Blade Runner, Full Metal Jacket, The Great Dictator, and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.
K: The Lord of the Rings! I must go to see the newest series!

21) have anytype of Hobbie ?
Dee Lee: Cooking, jogging, go out to visit shrines and temples and drinking tequila!
K: I like to play MMORPG…
Dee Lee: Sgt.K always plays MMO except sleeping or go to work.

K: Wait, wait! Don’t say just like I’m MMO HAIJIN! (Haijin means junkie in Japanese) LOL
Dee Lee: Aren’t you? I have never seen you are doing another thing while you are in your room…LOL
K: Shut up, you drunker! LOL
22)Lately we have seen how you and others musicians from Japan have opened accounts on the social networks such as direct as facebook and tumblr, you can tell us about this, it is interesting to know especially from a country that is known to be so closed ?
Dee Lee: Yeah it is very useful and interesting for me. I can read comments and message from fans all over the world.
I can access them not only from my room, I can read from anywhere.
It was just like strange dream of my childhood. When I was young boy, I could never imagine people outside of Japan listen to my music.

23)What can you tell as a bit about the industrial scene in japan, once in an interview for a popular media, someone spoke than the scene lived practically of a public, consisting mainly in: friends, Is there any truth in that?

Dee Lee :

Our scene is alive but so smaller than foreign people think.
For example if someone organize event for only industrial music, it is really difficult to make over 100 audiences.
And we have other good industrial bands in Tokyo but not so many bands. So 2Bullet is always play with non-industrial bands, some other techno acts or visual kei bands.

Sometimes someone ask me “what kind of music do you play?” in the club, so I answer “industrial music”. But this person don’t know it so next question is “What the hell is that?” lol

24)Are you working only at 2 bullets and vanishing empire or have more projects?
Dee Lee: Currently 2 bands, 2 Bullet and Vanished Empire are only project that I am working for.
To be honest, I have interest to build new project.
But now I am too busy to manage another one so I want to focus to my current projects.

25)What do you think about the future of the japanese artists outside of their country origin?
Dee Lee: As you know, a lot of Japanese artist have accounts of social networks.
And they have interest to play their show in other countries. But the biggest problem for Japanese artist is language.
Most of artists in Japan cannot understand English.

I mean they can read English by using dictionary so they can understand what you guys are saying on the net.
But writing or speaking their words and opinion in English is so difficult for them.
So although they have accounts they cannot update a lot of information.
And because of language, they don’t know how to express themselves to outside of Japan.
So they really want to play in other country but only they can is “waiting”.
26)to finish this interview, do you have any message to express to your spanish speaker readers?

Dee Lee: “Lucha haste la muerte!” I wrote this Spanish words on my guitar.
2 Bullet is always your friends and fight for you guys! Gracias!

K: Don’t miss our actions for 10th anniversary!

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