A creepy interview with the guest : Cirque of lune

1)first of all, can you present yourselves and your respective functions in Cirque de la lune?

Lilia: I’m Lilia, I sing, write lyrics, compose songs and keep the demons and theremins under control.

Nasu: I talk to the machines…they don’t always do exactly what they are told, unlike humans.

2)where do you live in england ?

Lilia: We live in the South of England at the moment, but Nasu is from the Moon.

Nasu: I have no idea how we ended up here.

3) what is the concept of your band ?

Lilia: The concept is whatever comes into our brains when we’re writing songs. A lot of things come into my head, from the Nether World, I’m not supposed to talk about that. Nasu is an alien though, and so is constantly conducting experiments and studying human reactions to them.

4) what can tell me about the meaning of the name Cirque de la lune ?

Lilia: It means “Circus of the Moon” in French. The feel of our songs is like a strange circus sometimes. Also, the Moon is associated with insanity…Nasu is Moonish.

5) have you ever performed live ?

Nasu: Yes, but not with Cirque de la Lune.

6)What do you can tell us about you, Nasu, and your old collaboration with the band Blam Honey in their Ryonai tribute release called Providence of Decadence? Also, tell us about what experiencies did you have and how did you feel after the tribute.

Nasu: I did a remix of a Blam Honey song for the Tatsuya tribute CD. It was the first remix I’d done and it was strange working with someone else’s material, so I ended up writing completely different music to it. I was using new equipment that I wasn’t used to at the time, but in the end I wrote it really quickly compared to other things I’ve written, for some reason. I usually mess around with things for ages. It annoys Lilia, haha!

7) Can you tell me the height of both of you ?

Lilia: 170cm

Nasu: 185cm – I’m small for a Moon person

8)  We have acknowledged about your plastic artist side , right? what can tell to us about this Lilia ?

Lilia: They are just strange little things from my strange little world. Paintings, digital work, dolls, engraving etc.

Art :

More info and workshttp://liliatombs.com

9) What inspires you?

Lilia: Dreams, space, horror, death, nature, unusual people.

Nasu: Weird noises I get in my head.
10) what do you think that makes  Cirque de la lune different, in comparation to other bands ?

We’re not humans.
11) what artist or elements are influences for Cirque of lune ?

Lilia: The artists I enjoy listening to don’t really sound like us. They’re not really an influence, but I like artists like Roman Rain, The Candy Spooky Theater, Thee Phantom Quest, MALICE MIZER, Die Form, Deadman, Merry Go Round, Kozi etc. I also like some game and film soundtracks.

Nasu: I like aggressive electronic music and game soundtracks, though I find it difficult to find bands I really like, for some reason.

12) what are your feelings about being interviewed for the first time for Spanish speakers ?

Lilia: It’s great, especially if people in Latin America like our music. Maybe I should learn Spanish though!

Nasu: Eee! I know no Spanish either, except “cacas caliente“, but I don’t know how I know that.

Lilia: Nasu knows all the bad words too…

Nasu: Bobo! Soy muy buena!

13) can tell us  details about your discography ?

Lilia: We released a demo called “暗い夜の月のサーカス” (“Kurai Yoru no Tsuki no Circus” / “Moon Circus of a Gloomy Night”), and an EP called “The Rusted Playground”, plus various other tracks that we let people download digitally. We’re working on an album at the moment, which was going to be called “Monsters”, but that might change.

14)Before Cirque de la lune, did you have any type of relation with music world ?

Nasu: Yes, lots and lots of different types of music. I was in a black metal band for a bit and then lots of others before that too. Then I’ve been doing other electronic things since then.

15) To end this interview can you tell us a message for your fans around the hispanic-world (Spanish speaking countries) ?

Nasu: Thank you for your support! It’s good that I’m everyone’s favourite princess!!! Because of that, the Moon won’t invade the Earth for at least another 20 years!

Lilia: Thank you for being strange! Also, to those of you that live near places with armadillos and capybaras… I am jealous.

LINK : http://cirquedelalune.skeleton-carnivale.net/

SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/cirquedelalune

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