A macabre interview with Kamihana

US Gothic&Lolita Bible- Spring 2009 -American Magazine based on the japanese one

Thanks for wait for updates , now  Rushed blue invite a readers a read we new interview with  Kamihana .

Kamihana is a model who a apparences in some photoshot of magazines  of  lolita fashion  in Europe and Japan , in this interview know a lot of tips and information about lolita fashion and culture , and too you vision about this , thanks a Kamihana for give a bit of you time ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

1)Please introduce yourself :
In the Lolita “community” my friends call me Kamihana and I am 21 years old.

2)where you from ?
Kamihana : I am a French girl living in Paris.

3)What experience you get from your work in Europe and Japan, and which were to tell our readers know your short but sufficient career?
I am in the Lolita community since 9 years now and I experienced photoshoots and a PV.
It is a nice experience, because I usually do it for friends, by friends or with friends, it is easier to relax and being natural from the camera. For the PV  it shown me background of a music video/short movie, the makeup session, the directions of the realisator, met new people, play a character I did not have the habit to be ( I was playing in the gluttony, I do not love food that much ! lol and Lust, when I am very shy with unkown boys ^^”)

Kamihana talk about this Video :

Brise les Rouages — please click for watch
Also, I met some independent photographers, which I did not before, I had to “learn” how to be comfortable with them and quickly know what they wish for their shoots: The kind of look, acting, …. Each photographer has his onw point of view and as model you have to give you small new “effect” by keeping the “signature” of the photographer’s work. If anyone could experience it with a professional photographer, please do, it’s always a nice experience and you may try some things new ( like outfit wich is not your fashion style for example).

Collaboration for Muteen- March 2008  French Magazine :

4) that you could tell us about your trip to Japan and your collaborations with Alice Deco and Kera Maniax magazine, as happened this collaboration in a land that usually has some distance to foreigners?

I went 2 times in Japan, saving by myself all the year ! I had friends over there and l do love to travel, so I decided to go, as it really pleased me I went back a second time. I discovered a new culture, wich I alredy knew by getting informations before my departures, but experience it in real is much better. I went to visit shops/brand I wear/ love, museums and places, restaurants ( Christon Café, …) and bar (Deca bar,…) went to concerts ( Artism festa) . I enjoyed it a lot.
Well, even if I went to Japan twice, I never participate to the street snap over there, I only did the ones which happened in Paris, they sometimes come during summer because of the Japan expo and the serveral Tea Parties organized by the brands like Angelic Pretty Paris and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris.
We were with other Lolitas to participate at the same time, it was great to be all together and meet some journalists from the magazines we read and “follow” .

Alice à la mode- Autumn 2009   Japanese magazine

5) You could tell that is basically lolita (fashion, ideology, thought)
Basically, you have to understand it is a “girls/women” world, what you can see in a girl , it is multipliate by puissance 1000 here ! lol It has his good and bad side. I could only to speak for myself, my point of view, so it does not mean all Lolita think/do the same. For my part I love to dress up and well made clothes/fashion style, I have a passion for historical clothes especially and Lolita gives a bit of it with a modern touch. The Lolita is first a fashion style, without ideology/thought , it was first in Japan to try to escape the “commun”image that the Japanese society wants the teenager: they have to be normal, like everybody, obey, work etc. Some wanted to be different , to escape the daily rules and express themselves, they did it by the Lolita fashion on the week-ends just to relax have fun between friends. Now the Lolita fashion had some evolution, you have girls/boys who follow only because they love the fashion/clothes, others see it like a life style: wear it everyday, follow the 18-19th century good maneers code, decorate they living place with Lolita taste ( rococo or gothic usually) participate a lot to meetings, convention , forums, groups on facebook and Live Journa, sometimes make their own clothesl.Also read literature and listen some of “Lolita” music like classical or other Lolita artists.Maybe the main “ideology”, “idea” “aim” is to look like a doll, innocent, and refined. Be the perfect image of a “lady” or aristocrat person like during the 18-19th century, because it is the roots, the base of Lolita fashion.

6)Could you tell us how you met it, it would be a nice anecdote which blue Rushed members and readers gladly:
Well, first was very random, I was with my mother, at Chatelet(france), which was 12 years ago ( I was around 8-9 years old) the “gothic” distric, it here we have most and the eldest gothic shops.
We were walking and at the fountain I saw a girl dressed up in full white, with frilly clothes, a parasol, ribbons etc, like a princess, then I told my mom “ later I will dress up like her ! I want to dress up like princesses to go to school !” I did not know the exact name of “Lolita fashion” and later around 13 I started to be attracted by the gothic culture ( fashion, art, music , etc) . By that attraction I once bought a french magazine about music “ Rock One, Japan special edition” here I discovered Moi-dix-Mois and fell in love with Deflower ( wich was one of the song on the cd coming in the magazine) , from here I (re) discovered the Lolita fashion by looking for informations about Moi-dix-Mois, Mana, Moi-même-Moitié, visual kei …

Mana :

7)We already know that lolita conventions do exist, can you tell us how that was possible? These conventions only takes place in France or Europe, or in America exists something similar?
In france we have a convention especially about /for lolitas ( of course everyone is the welcome !) it has been possible thanks to the great efforts of some Lolita girls and their association : Rouge dantelle et Rose Ruban (http://rougedentelleroseruban.blogspot.fr/) and le chemin de briques roses (http://www.lechemindebriquesroses.com/)

Pictures from Association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban:

Artists ( musicians, illustrators, …) fashion designers, brands, fashion shows, and more are organized .
I know there are some conventions in Europe and overseas where Lolitas go too, but it is often about anime, manga, japan culture, not only Lolita. For lolitas except conventions there are the Tea parties organized by brands, in Japan, in USA and Paris by BtSSB and AP, and recently London by Juliette & Justine.

8)had liability conventions Japanese culture and music with this?
Yes, we have in france famous one called Japan expo which exist since more than 10 years now.

9)can you tell us when arrives Lolita Culture in Europe?
It really arrived when I started , 2-3 years later it became more and more popular, thanks to Japan expo now and the serveral anime, mangas, Lolita convention and tea partie, thanks to Japanese music too, it became now, and we can see younger girls ( 12-13 years old) coming in the Lolita communities.

10)How diferent is lolita in Japan, from Lolita outside Japan?
In japan I think it is still for week ends, and not such like “ life style” like in france, less “rules”, less judgment from other lolitas.

11)Which are the main Market for Lolita(country’s?:
Now the best might be Europe and south America, in japan the Lolita culture is a bit less popular than before, but still here.

12)what have favored the “boom”? In the last years it is possible that lolita could separate from the anime japanese culture and its music could affect its expansion through the items mentioned
I think it is thanks to the anime conventions and japaneses brand which started to important Lolita in Europe/france, some discovered it by going to Japan directly too, or other were gothic first and then discovered Lolita fashion. Now it is true, lolitas do not wish to be associated with animes/mangas, because, basically, even if it’s from japan, it is not from Mangas etc. The inspirations are really from the old European fashions ( 17-18-19th centuries, Victorian area , etc).
Also, lolitas do not want to be mixed with cosplay or desguisments, often associate with mangas and animes.

13)what can you teel us about the musical preferences of a lolita?
It depends of lolitas, there is not really music “for” Lolita , except some like Moon-Kana , Kanon Wakeshima or the kokusyoku sumire. Of course we, some, discovered Lolita thanks to Visual kei, but we listen everything.

14)what can you tell us about the opinion of some Lolita who say that visual kei is not the proper music for a lolita?
Well, once again it depends of Lolita, that is true most of teenagers ( 12-15years old) listen visual kei because it is “cool” and “different”, they are in the “rebellion” period and are looking for themselves. So some become Lolita ( often cheap Lolita calld , usually , Ita Lolita, because young and often not very “well “ dressed , they used cheap and bad quality Lolita clothes, when we are young we all make mistake and usually do not have a lot of money , so it is understandable)
So in a way it gives a bad image of the Lolita fashion , then the “ confirmed” lolitas do not like it.
But some still listen bands like Moi-Dix-Mois or Versailles, wich might have the aestethic the most close of Lolita fashion too and Baroque/classical musique influences.


15)what kind of music do you like, Kamihana?
A lot !
I am able to listen a bit of everything,
Classical, pop, Visual kei, J-pop, K-pop, Metal, symphonic metal , death metal, opera, traditional ( Celtic, Irish, gipsy, spanish, britany, …..)a bit of electro /EBM too.
16)Who are your favorite designers?
I do not really have “favorites designers” but I appreciates some like Vivienne Westwood or J.Galliano.

17)Do you like any tendency or fashion? Or only Lolita?
I like some trends of fashion, but not all, I choose what I like , not what is really “trendy”.Of course, lolita and gothic fashion are my favorites “ trends” and we can also see an evolution and some trends in Lolita fashion .
18)What plans do you have for the future?
My plans for the future about Lolita is currently ton continue, till my passion for is faded Maybe dress up my daughter ( if I have one !) like that when baby ^^
I will try to continue and designs some ideas I have in my mind, and make it if I have the time.

19)Can you share with us your likes and dislikes about the “Lolita”?
There are two things I really hate in lolita fashion:
1: The prices of the clothes, especially from the most important brands, I am glad to admit the quality, most of time , is very good ! But we all know, the most of the piece is made in china ( even if it is write “made in japan” like for Jesus Diamante or Moi-même-Moitié, the main part is made in china and a little detail is finished in japan to have the right to put “made it japan”) So, I think it is often too much expensive for items made in china.
2: the “mentality”, at my beginning I knew some Lolitas a bit rude or cold, but since few years, the Lolita community became rotten by “drama queens”, gossips, girls who cheat when selling/buying, no understanding, too much judgment, bitching etc … It exist everywhere , it is life, it is human, but here it really become oppressing :s
For my part I am less than before active in the community, less on forums or Live Journal etc.

Thank you very much for the interview, it was a pleasure !
I am not perfect and most of my replies are my point of views, but I hope you will enjoy~!

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