Interview a Aki(Rk rosebud)

Rk rosebud is a post punk band from japan , and his vocalist Aki give a we a little interview about your career with Rk rosebud , and your collaboration with different artist .

1)Thanks for your time to answer these questions. Can you tell us what is Rk Rosebud and what is your role in the band? Also, how this project was started?

At first,thank you for finding out us in huge world.

We’re RK ROSEBUD,a Rock band in Japan.

I dare to say’a Rock band in Japan’

not’Japanese Rock band’

Because I think that there is no genre it may be called so.

Our background in not Japan,is just Rock.simply.

Although we’re proud of Japanese culture as you might be proud of your country’s one,

our music is not one of Japanese culture.

I can explain correctly?

As for me,my role is the front man of RK ROSEBUD like the bow of a ship,though I always receive harsh treatment directly,however,maybe I always can receive encouragement or support of our fans a lot than other members,too.

As for starting of RK,I can say it was surely destiny since I had not been able to sing in other bands,with other members…

2) I personally love Nana (and many people do). How did you feel playing in the tribute CD of Nana? Can you tell us details of how did you get to do this work? Finally,do you and your band members like Nana?.

An project of tribute ‘NANA’s song is my song’ was elected one of our song

‘Kanaderu-Kami(Japanese title)’

It was introduced in’NANA’comic vol.9 that 13 musicians and bands had been elected about 1000 although I don’t know for certain whether it is true or not.

Of cource,we like ‘NANA’,however,I cannot read it now because the story is too severe for me.

You know,’NANA’ is a story of musicians.

‘Kanaderu-Kami’is one love song,but oue best of love song.

We did not create this song as a theme of ‘NANA’,

but it maybe fit ‘NANA’.

What we met ‘NANA’was also destiny,too,I think.

By the way,you can buy this tune at i-tunes ¥150.

I introduce it as an addition for fans.

We’re glad if you like it.

‘Kanaderu-Kami by RK ROSEBUD’

Message from RK ROSEBUD

You can buy a song of RK ROSEBUD at i-tunes store.

This is the first song of RK to have been released from one of Japanese major label.


Image songs of Japanese comic’NANA’


A compilation album

‘NANA’s song is my song’




‘Kanaderu Kami~Dangai no Tategoto-hiki ni sasagu’

This is a love ballade which RK ROSEBUD offers to God of the Music which flips a harp at the cliff of midwinter.

We offers this song to you,too!

3)Can you tell us something about your solo career? How is it different from being in Rk Rosebud and do you have plans to release new material?

I have sung as solo since 2008.

A senior musician asked me’You’ll try solo at my acoustic event, won’t you?’

I sang with only my acoustic guitar on the stage at that time,for the first time.

It made me wonder,it was similar to joy,it set me free from metronome marking,anyway,it was not bad for me.


I wanted to sing more by myself,by alone in my world.

It was beginning of my solo career.

I like gothic things a lot,but,for example,I cannot sing with gothic dress,with candle in RK.

Although I love my band so much,on the other hand,I wanted to performe in my world.anyway I wanted to sing more,more,more!

But my solo activity in not obstacle for RK.It will be all for the best for RK because I can sing a lot.The contents of closet named of AKI,go on increasing,I feel so.

The newest work of my solo’Dokuro-Kurage’ already released in May 2012,it was the collaboration with a Japanese cartoonist.For more information anew,I’m sorry.

4) Obviously the look of your band is something very important and distinctive… Can you describe it in only one word? Is it possible to be in RK ROSEBUD without this style?

Our music and visual and performance is trinity.

It is the most important concept.

Not only makeup,not only stage dress

Of course,I think our music is enough to tell about us eloquently.

But we want fans to enjoy it more,especially at live,so we always think of our clothes or performance.

In this sense,we think we’re ‘visual-kei’

5) What do you think about people that classifies RK ROSEBUD as a Visual Kei band? Do you define your band with other term?

 In recent years,the ‘Visual Kei’as popular name in the world already has misused,I think.

So we say ‘We’re a Rock band’,not ‘We’re a Visual Kei’

 The words of Visual Kei has become a dead and should be repealed.

Of course,as a genre of music,too.

This is not radical opinion.

 To categorize is more difficult because categories is too scarce.

 And I cannot help feeling many band with makeup,special stage dress,e.t.c.have no concept.

 ‘Gothic’ is mere fashion,too.

I’m very sorry.

6 )What do you think about the current VK bands in Japan? Do you like any of those bands?

Sorry,I do not know.

However,there are surely meny cool bands surely.

7 )What musicians have been an influence to you (Japanese and also from other countries)?

Have you been in other bands apart from RK ROSEBUD?

Many,many,bands and musicians.

But,Especially,DEAD END(Japan).

All of members like DEAD END a lot.

Once all member had played in other bands.

After forming ‘RK ROSEBUD’,at least,I could get true joy as a singer.

The best members,they are.

8)Regarding your collaboration with the Velvet Eden’s song “Sad Mask”, can you tell us how did you get to work together with Dada?I have heard that you were a fan of the band, can you tell us how did you know them?

Simply,because Mr.DADA was wonderful

and ‘SAD MASK’ was wonderful song.

The reason of collaboration was only it.

He let me rearrange his song’Sad Mask’and play the guitar and sing freely.

What connects he and I is only music.

I think the existence of Mr.DADA as charismatic artist rescues and leads japanese band’s scene…if there is ‘Japanese band’s scene’.

Anyway,I’m a fan of Mr.DADA

9)Have you ever played your music in other countries? Have you got any plans to play in the West, in countries like Chile by example…?

NO,we had not played.

However,if we could play in other countries,we would be so happy.

Chile,of course.anywhere

In any event,we’re happy since we had not imagined that fans in other countries listened to our music even in our dream

10)What do you think about the future of japanese music outside Japan?

Future would be bright

if we could created good music and played wonderfully on the stage,

if we could be outstanding musicians.

I think it is same as all of musicians in this world,we are always on equal terms as a musician.

I think there is no genre named of Japanese music.

Music is music, Good is good,Bad is bad at everywhere,simply.

Similarly, there is no ‘Japanese music fans’.

They should be thought as a fan of a musician who happened to be a Japanese.

11)I see that your clothing is very similar to the Gothic Lolita style. Are there any stores that you like? And what do you think about the people who likes this style?

Yes,I like my clothes a lot.

I do not put clothes I do not like.

Recently,it seems that has been called Gothic Lolita style,

But I always liked since a very long time ago,since I was a little girl

although I had not known the word ‘Gothic Lolita’

I always liked a lot,for example,frill,lace,ribbon,e.t.c.,however,only black.

For,there is no favorite brand specially,

and I also can say I like even what brand if I found favorite clothes in it.

It is not a problem for me what brand’s clothes I put.

If anything,I almost make or remake my stage clothes because I cannot find my favorite in any shops.

I hope that it is not my mistake that Gothic Lolita is mere momentary trend.

If so,Gothic Lolita is too poor,empty

Not limited to Gothic Lolita,

I want girls to pot clothes they like truly.

And I want to say to girls.sometimes,to boys,too

‘if you want to put clothes you like freely,

you should allow other person’s free style.’

In all cases you faced(I say ‘at Live House especially’ because I live at there almost of my life same as many Rock kids,fans),

you must not mock them.

I detest such haughty people.

There are nice kids who put there original clotes.

When I could find such fans,I felt happiness,too.

I want them to enjoy my Live with their special and favorite style they selected.

If a person put Gothic Lolita dress,male or female is not a problem either

I’ll be super happy if you could understan that I wanted to express


Can you tell us any detail about your relationship with your teacher, Nov of Aoin?

Can you explain how can two different styles coexist in this relationship of teacher-disciple?

It’s kind of hard to describe.

It will take you long to read this reply,

I’m glad if you think this is an episode about Mr.Nov.

Although Mr.Nov is a famous vocalist of AION already,

when I met Mr.Nov for the first time,

he sang as a vocalist of a band named of Volcano.

We met on the same stage of Live in Tokyo several years ago,as co-star by good luck.

At that live,we planned to play one of famous standard rock numbers by all bands.We all had been let know the number in advance.

However,in rehearsal, almost vocalists could not sing the number completely.One were singing with cheat sheet,other were singing incorrectly,or a wrong note etc,etc,

(Of course,I had learned it by heart and practiced a lot.)

Anyway,it was abominable workmanship.

But it seemed that no one was not ashamed of such situation.

Although I was angry,I was silent because I was one of juniors.

Suddenly,Mr.Nov scolded us

‘Don’t play about!Be sure to work hard!’

He was serious and passionate everywhere,just like having a fight with real sword.

Singing and playing by ear at Live is our bounden duty because we have the audiences.I think so always.

However,Live house is not school.

We’re not anyone’s teachers,and not students,too.

So no one has to teach how to do on the stage

since we chosen the road of musicians by ourselves.

Senior musicians seldom scold juniors.

They know that we should notice and learn all by ourselves.

It’s surely a kind of behavior with fondness,

and paying respect to music.

We know it.

So Mr.Nov’s behavior touched me so much.

His scolding seriously depressed us.

There is no person who teaches us important things like him.

Our performing before the audience succeeded.

Mr.Nov was singing at the rear part of the stage.behind us.

After Live,

when I greeted Mr.Nov,he asked me

‘Do you know AION?'(You cannot know AION)

I sang a phrase of AION’s number’miserable’.

He was surprised…and advised me

‘Sing more,go to tour more!’

Anyway,I was moved so much at that time.

After that I have been learned a lot by the practice book he wrote.

And when he came to my hometown to play at Live,of course,I went to Live house to enjoy his Live,

he taught me and answered my question at back stage in his spare moments.

Although I can talk with him on rare occasions recently,

he is always passionate.

After he listened to our newest CD,he told his impression,

‘Your voice was comfortable!Let us keep on Rockin’!’

Surely,his style belongs to genre called Heavy Metal,

however,I learned actually from the basics to the advanced level,mentally and physically.

I think a lot musicians learned from him like me.

Thank you for reading.

14)Well,we have reached the end of this interview. We only have one last thing to ask you:

Can you send a message to your fans in Latin America and also tell us what song do you recommend us to listen?

Thank you for reading.

I’m glad if you meet our music,too.

We never dreamed that Rock kids or fans in Latin America listen to our tunes when we formed RK ROSEBUD.

In Latin America,there is a street team of RK ROSEBUD.

I thank you for having found out us and loved us in huge world.

In closing,

I have words to say.

For example,

if you love a Japanese band,but it is not ‘Japanese culture’

Actually,RK ROSEBUD is a rock band in Japan,

but not genre named J-ROCK or V-kei either.

Simply,a rock band same as a rock band in Latin America.

Animations made in Japan,Games made in Japan,and music made in Japan,they are not one culture named ‘Japan’

each belong to different category.

Please never bracket them as ‘Japanese culture’.

I do not like such tendency.

And simply,we are a rock band.

Thank you for interview very much.

Let us meet at Live someday,keep on Rockin’



thanks :



coming soon in spanish


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